Summer loving in the Southern Hempisphere

by psychedelicpineapples

December, the first of the Summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, was fairly disappointing last year. Schools and universities were on holiday and many hard working people were taking leave from the monotony of their day jobs in the hopes of spending long, lazy days in the sun, on the beach, by the pool, in between those frantic Christmas shopping trips. However, December proved to be rather laissez-faire in terms of providing anything more than what I can only describe as mediocre weather. It rained on Christmas Day.

Roughly mid-January birthed an unrelenting heat wave that had school children whining in classrooms, students grumbling in lecture halls and all those back at work cursed mirthfully under their breath “Why not sooner?”. The glorious beaches of the South African coastline beckoned as a glistening, refreshing mirage. Closeted swimming costumes whimpered in anticipation, hopefully yearning for stolen moments during busy weekends.

Some days have literally been too hot to participate in any activity of any kind. The elderly were advised to stay indoors near a fan. Parents were warned to keep young children away from the sun’s blistering rays. Ice-cream and beer companies rejoiced at their good fortune. I have always and unshakably been a ‘summer person’. Yet, even I found myself dreaming of thunder storms and waking up in the morning thinking it’s still night time.

Everyone I know was starting to suffer from some kind of heat-wave induced madness. I personally felt like kicking a few people in the shins. Until today. By some small miracle the heavens decided to crack open and shower us with some much needed love and affection.

Okay, so it’s still kind of humid and I’m not exactly reaching for tights and a sweater, but at the very least the rain has provided a fraction of relief after days of stilfing heat and sleepless nights tossing and turning above the covers.

That unmistakable fresh smell of rain definitely made me smile today.

What makes you smile?? 🙂