I’ll take three tablespoons of sunshine with that, please!

by psychedelicpineapples

Life is a strange and complex thing, is it not? I will challenge anyone who argues the world is made up of merely black and white components. Life is simply not straight forward. And I revere the shades of grey. The unashamed beauty of what it means to be linger in the cracks and brazenly dances naked outside the designated lines. 

Everyone struggles painfully to classify every aspect of their lives. Explanations, descriptions, validations, verification. The beauty in life lies in that which we cannot define and the acceptance of the inability to understand. It is taking a step back and savoring the small moments that bring joy to your life.

This blog is dedicated to these fleeting instances of undisguised pleasure. I will talk about things that make me smile, things that annoy me, and life in general. I have been called a ‘hippie’ more times then I can remember and (if the term ‘hippie’ refers to someone who believes in peace, equality, liberation, and an alarmingly good taste in music) I do not disagree. So be prepared for contemporary discussions surrounding music, art, photography, music and cinema inspired by a 1960’s theme and motivated by all things vintage. 

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. I implore you, let’s embark on this psychedelic adventure together.